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Exciting Announcement!!

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1 October 2012

ekarda - BRAND NEW Business eCard Software

New eCard Service exclusively for Business -

We are excited to announce the launch of our NEW eCard software service - ekarda: eCards for Business! ekarda was developed after coutless requests from our amazing customers asking for more eCard types other than just Christmas / Happy Christmass eCards.

Business eCards for every occasion:
With ekarda's new range of greeting cards, you can capitalise on every opportunity to build rapport and strengthen your business relationships.

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ekarda helps you to build rapport and strengthen your business relationships by automatically sending the right Business eCard greeting to the right person at the right time. Whether sending to 20 or 2,000 or people, ekarda allows you to reach everyone effortlessly with personalised eCards that make them feel appreciated, understood and affiliated with your brand.

The new ekarda software also has tons of new features developed exclusively for business users.

Check out the ekarda website and our brand new range of eCards for Business now:

ekarda has worked with some of the world's top companies to deliver the finest Christmas Christmas eCard designs and solutions.

From helping Caltex empower thousands of their staff to send eCards via a web browser to integrating Bugs Bunny for Warner Village Theme Parks to working with SME's - we deliver the most engaging eCards and the best delivery software available.

Read on to find out more about our personalised Christmas Christmas eCard designs or contact us now to discuss your eCards today.

Village Roadshow Theme Parks
Bugs Bunny featured on an ekarda Christmas eCard

With Brands such as Warner Bros Movie World, Sea World and Wet 'n' Wild, Village Roadshow Theme Parks needed an eCard that really spoke of their brands.

ekarda was engaged throughout the creative process to help develop an eCard that stood out. Bugs Bunny was integrated into the design - which was sent out initially to the Australian market, and later to AsiaPac due to the success of the initial deployment.

OAMPS Insurance Brokers
Over 750 employees in 34 offices around Australia

OAMPS worked with ekarda Christmas eCards to create fun and engaging Christmas Email Cards in both 2009 and 2010.

With a strong need to produce artwork confirming to OAMPS' strict standards - OAMPS provided ekarda with most of the artwork for thier Christmas eCards which was duly integrated and tested before deploying to all of OAMPS' employees.

BP Bitumen
A well-earned reputation for delivering products that work

BP Bitumen wanted an eCard that not only reflected their products and services (they supply bitumen to road makers) but one that was environmentally friendly.

ekarda worked hand in hand with BP Bitumen's creative agency to produce BP Bitumen's Christmas eCards for both 2009 and 2010.

Invensys Rail
One of the world's most admired rail companies

Invensys engaged ekarda Christmas eCards to produce a card that fitted in with their new brand (formerly Westinghouse rail) and extensive branding guidelines.

The Invensys 'i' that ekarda wrapped around the Christmas tree was produced according to Invensys' exacting standards.

Hotel Windsor
Australia's most loved and recognised grand hotel

ekarda has produced Christmas eCards for the renowned Hotel Windsor 2 years running. The 2009 execution was ekarda's first vertical Christmas eCard (we have since introduced a number of vertically aligned Christmas eCards into our offering) featuring the hotel during the day.

The second eCard we produced for the Hotel was a stunning night shot (featured). The hotel sent out over 30,000 eCards each year and received wonderful feedback from clients and suppliers alike.

Shell Christmas eCards
Fully customised environmentally friendly eCard

Shell Australia needed a Christmas eCard that was worthy of the famous Shell brand and a strategy that was environmentally friendly.

An entirely new eCard was designed (with a custom font for the text area) and made to function within the ekarda Christmas eCard software.

RSVP 2011 Personalised Image eCard
Personalised image eCard featuring the RSVP team

The team at RSVP had worked hard to forge their relationships and wanted a unique personalised image Christmas eCard.

ekarda integrated the recipient's name into the eCard to really add that personal touch and created a black theme to give an added customisation.

AVEVA Customised Christmas eCard
The world's leading engineering software provider to the plant, power and marine industries

AVEVA wanted an environmentally friendly green eCard option and contacted ekarda to deliver an eCard for their US clients and contacts.

ekarda incorporated AVEVA's logo into a snow globe giving a traditional Christmas feel to AVEVA's Christmas eCard solution.

MAp Airports
One of the world's largest private airport owners

With a global brand, MAp needed to create a customised eCard that reflected their service offering. In addition – Map needed a communications strategy that reflected their policies on CSR and the environment.

That's where ekarda came in. We created 2 separate executions featuring fun Christmas eCard images for Map's staff to choose from.

Fairfax: Business-to-business eCards
6 brands, 6 different designs and 100s of employees sending Christmas eCards

With multiple brands and 100s of employees needing to send out Christmas eCards, Fairfax faced an uphill challenge when organising their Christmas Christmas eCards. Fairfax had 6 brands that they needed to cover off and required a customised eCard for each brand.

ekarda worked with Fairfax to create Christmas eCards for The Age, Fairfax Digital, Fairfax Media, Domain, Drive, MyCareer and Commercial Real Estate brands at Fairfax - turning what used to be a nightmare of organisation into an environmentally friendly dream.

Flemington - The Victoria Racing Club
Home of the Melbourne Cup needed an eCard worthy of their impressive brand

ekarda has produced eCards for Flemington 2 years in a row (2009/2010). The 2010 Christmas eCard features a design where the art was provided by ekarda to Flemington, whose designers went to work - creating this unique Christmas eCard.

Flemington wanted a custom font on their eCard and ekarda delivered. A large number of staff at Flemington were given access to the system and Flemington staff were able to send out all their eCards without a hitch.

Heritage Building Society
Client supplied image for this Christmas eCard

Heritage Building Society has built a brand with excellent pedigree and chose ekarda Christmas eCards to deliver a business to business and consumer eCard that lived up to their lofty requirements.

ekarda developed an entirely new Christmas eCard incorporating images supplied by the client to facilitate a large number of employees sending eCards to their business and corporate contacts and consumers alike.

Country Fire Authority
Client supplied image for this Customised Christmas eCard

CFA wanted ekarda to create a custom eCard that really grabbed the attention of their contacts. ekarda developed 3-4 Christmas eCard concepts for CFA - including the one pictured which was the final execution.

ekarda was able to take an image supplied by the client and add personalisation to the image to give the eCard a greater level of interest and a truly personal touch.

Envirolab Christmas eCards
Personalised Christmas eCard image supplied by the client

Envirolab needed an environmentally friendly green eCard solution - and wanted to feature their team in a fun Christmas eCard image.

ekarda incorporated the image of the Envirolab team in addition to adding some Christmas livery to liven up the eCard.

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